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Projection Mapping

Give life to your scale model

Blow your customers’ mind using new age scale models
Frontal Projection
Frontal Projection

Appropriate for tower style projects, this uses 2-3 projectors highlighting the key features of your project and uses background for additional content.

360 Projection
360 Projection

Appropriate for township or full project showcase, this uses 6 projectors highlighting project info, surrounding info and inventory status.

Building scale Projection
Building scale Projection

Want to go big! Launch your project building in style where we use high end projectors to highlight your entire building.


Take complete control of your project presentation
  1. 3D Printed Scale model

  2. 4K Projectors

  3. Projection mapping technology

  4. Jaw dropping Content support

  5. End to end support

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We provide a complete solution from hardware to content, that allows builders to have a hassle free experience. If you choose to do complete project experience with propx, we can package this solution to offer you further cost savings.

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